Author Topic: Re-imagining Gilroy Gardens (Sesame Place San Francisco)  (Read 27 times)


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Re-imagining Gilroy Gardens (Sesame Place San Francisco)
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:31:17 pm »
I had the idea that (even shared between the city of Gilroy, Cedar Fair, and a 501c3) what if Gilroy Gardens was purchased by SeaWorld? It doesn't really fit in with the rest of Cedar Fair, but SeaWorld wants to build more Sesame-themed parks. They seem to want to expand Forrest of Fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with water park and neighborhood areas. However, how would they do a full, pre-existing park?

1. The Sycamore Bridge and park entrance would be considered "outside the park" as Sesame Plaza, with park entrance service stuff. Since Williamsburg shaded the gate area in red, I circled both Sesame Plaza and Neighborhood in red as well. They would have to remove a few rides for the facades, but I think it would be worth it.
   -the carousel on the "outside" side of the bridge would be taken for parts
   -other ride notes about this are I would add Cookie Drop, a frog hopper, to the area, and Honker Dinger Derby to replace another ride.

2. The next area in Williamsburg is Central Park, which is really nothing tbh. However, the remaining rides and their special events building (now a Dine with Me location) would be Central Park. Even though physically in this area, I think Timber Twister (which would be renamed Vapor Trail) would be accessed via the Neighborhood.

3. There are a few random water area throughout the park, the playground near their paddleboats and the splash garden would be removed, and water park expansions taking place behind the train tracks where Water Oasis is with a wave pool, Sky Splash, and maybe a few other slides in the future. Just like with Williamsburg, this area is highlighted in Blue.

4. I was thinking Splash Garden should be replaced by Monster Clubhouse (the modern nets and climbs area). It would be apart of the Forrest of Fun area (area is in green). The Mushroom Swing would rethemed to Cloud Chaser, and the buildings where monorail station is would be apart of it at first (see next point).

5. The Monorail and Mine Train would be removed and the area closed off. A restaurant used on very busy days and quiet rooms (along with those near the Neighborhood train station) would be apart of Forrest of Fun at first. Cedar Fair should take the coaster to Michigan's Adventure. The area would be a phase 3 project (phase 1 being remove, retheme, focus on new dry rides and lands; phase 2 would be Seaside area and 1 or 2 flats) themed to Abbey and the faries. This is the dark Pink area.
-The highlight of the area would be a junior invert that uses the terrain outside the current borders and a new butterfly exhibit

6. I would remove their car ride for a Gravity Group Wooden Coaster called Oscar's Wacky Taxi, but most likely not a clone of the east coast version. It would become the highlight of Grouchland, an area exclusive to the park as of now.
 -another current ride would be relocated and themed to trash cans. A Rock and Tug themed to Slimey would get added in phase 2

7. Since it originally opened as Bonfante Gardens, I did have a brief thought of that being the new name so SeaWorld can stop paying the licence fees to InBev for the Busch name, I just don't feel it. I feel using their original titles (Old Country and Dark Continent) and then either their cities (Williamsburg, VA and Tampa Bay, FL) or "a SeaWorld Park" as the title would probably be better choices for those parks.

What's your opinion?
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Should clarify that Cedar Fair does not own Gilroy they simply manage it. So there is really nothing for CF to sell.  The city would have to approve any other chain taking over the contract.

The concept is interesting and I agree a water park expansion would be a good addition. can't say I like the idea of taking everything that is unique about the park and tossing it aside for Seasame Street.

I also don't get why you would remove the mine train. It's one fo the attraction I generally hear good things about, so why remove it.  better to add 2 coasters and keep a major part of the park.